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2017 year in review – international experience of ISIDA specialists and trending in ART

Это высококачественное исследование в области науки и медицины. Лучшие репродуктивные специалисты, генетики и биологи наших клиник ежегодно повышают свою квалификацию, посещая различные конференции, симпозиумы и семинары в разных уголках мира. Благодаря программам профессионального развития наши врачи имеют уникальную возможность получить самую свежую информацию о новых продуктах в этой области. Наиболее значимыми международными событиями, которые посетили специалисты нашей клиники в 2017 году, являются: Январь 2017 г. – 2-й Всемирный конгресс по

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ISIDA clinic doctor-reproductologist Miroslava Vatsik made a report at the international conference

Doctors of ISIDA clinic regularly take part in foreign and domestic scientific and practical conferences, symposia, seminars. This gives an opportunity to get acquainted with innovations in the field of reproductive medicine, as well as share with colleagues their own achievements and knowledge. With this purpose, last year in the end of November, ISIDA clinic reproductive specialist Miroslava Vatsik visited the International Scientific and Practical Conference “Innovative technologies in obstetrics

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Innovative methods of male infertility treatment in the ISIDA clinic

According to generally agreed standards, if pregnancy does not occur within a year regardless regular sex life, the couple is diagnosed with infertility and the necessity of examination and treatment arises. There are several types of infertility: female, male, complex and also vague or idiopathic. 40% of couples have infertility due to the male factor. Male infertility is a decrease in the fertilizing capacity of spermatozoa, which occurs for various

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An improved approach to integrated IVF programs

The ISIDA clinic has introduced a new approach to integrated IVF programs. From now on they include ICSI and vitrification – two powerful components needed for increasing the effectiveness of in vitro fertilization. The male aspect. Using the ICSI method One of the main roles in successful fertilization lies on the sperm and its ability to reach the goal. The more the quantity, the better the mobility and quality of

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“Come risolvere il dolore nella nevralgia del trigemino”: il prof. Delfino in conferenza presso l’associazione FABI Plus

Il 14 novembre 2017 il prof. Ugo Delfino è stato ospite dell’Associazione FABI Plus presso la sede di Via Guarini 4 a Torino, nell’ambito della conferenza “Come risolvere il dolore nella nevralgia del trigemino”, nel corso della quale il professore ha parlato della sua attività clinica e della sua tecnica di intervento per risolvere il dolore causato dalla nevralgia del trigemino. L’evento è stato inoltre l’occasione di presentare la nuova

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Deputy CEO for ISIDA-IVF Clinic’s Strategic Development Oleg Petrenko took part in the international conference in Vienna

On 6-7 November, Vienna (Austria) hosted the 2-nd International Conference on Healthcare & Hospital Management and 6-th International Conference on Medical and Nursing Education. Oleg Petrenko, Deputy CEO for Strategic Development of the ISIDA-IVF Clinic, participated in the conferences. “Management, the same way as a medical care, should be based on evidence,” – assures Oleg Petrenko. Than he continues his story about his visit to Austria: “The main idea of

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