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Ebooks&Kids: The Italian startAPP for the #touchscreengeneration

The 2.0 children are learning while playing Ebooks&Kids: The Italian startAPP for the #touchscreengeneration “Wee kids” is a family made of 15 different fun and educational Apps for children Who are we?
Giovanna Pellizzari and Massimo Mauri, parents of three, launched a digital publishing company based on their learning experience interacting with their own children. This initiative introduces products for a fun learning experience to children between the ages of 2 to 10. The Idea The first application series to be introduced on May 7th 2013 is called “Wee Kids”; containing educational games developed using the instructive program for first graders as a base. All game plans used are of incremental difficulty in order to follow users at the first stages of their learning experience: The ABC, Math, Wordsearch, Stickers, Maze, Shape, Puzzle, Sudoku, Draw&Color, memory, Math Path… Each can be tried individually or in the compilation version allowing to randomly play different games. The deluxe version contains all 15 applications offering 300 hours of a diverse learning and playing experience. All applications contain a locator that can identify user’s nationality and display any of the following languages: Italian, Chinese, French, Japanese, English, Portuguese, Spanish, German, Russian and Hebrew. The #touchscreengeneration
Ebooks&Kids: The Italian startAPP for the #touchscreengeneration
This is how Ebooks&Kids was formed: amusing and interactive apps and e-books all based on educational learning materials for primary and nursery schools. The idea was to create series of games, both for entertainment and for educational purposes. Creativity and play can be found in the following fields: reading and writing, math, logic, memory, art and music. Ebooks & Kids aims to give much attention to graphics by professional illustrators and the variety and originality of the sounds produced by young Italian musicians (www.; while taking in account that these tools are all child oriented. As mentioned before, Ebooks&Kids takes a part of a very specific context and of great relevance that cannot be overlooked. On one hand the increasing demand for intensified reality, and on the other, studies showing it can benefit the child if used correctly. Touch screen instruments therefore, should not turn into “nannies”. On the contrary, they can captivate, teach and grow the neuronal capacity of a child especially if used with the supervision of a controlling parent that can also find new educational paths to be taken. Here are some interesting facts:
Recent market research shows that 70% of children under 12 years of age use tablets, both for playing purposes (77%) and for educational needs (57%). Almost 40% of children under 12 play with a parent and 49% of parents sustain that applications have and important educational value while 46% sustain that amusement is important. Where and when
Ebooks&Kids applications will be available for all users starting May 7th 2013. “Wee Kids Deluxe”, “Wee Kids ABC” and “Wee Kids Math” for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch will be available in App stores. Other apps by “Wee kids” and versions for Android and windows Mobile 8.0 will available soon. Massimo Mauri: “ We believe that fun, for a child, is the best way to enhance their skills and increase their knowledge. Ebooks&Kids wants to contribute to the growth digital-native children while giving their parents a well made, quality product and most importantly safe. That is why we have chosen not to allow any publicity or any possibility to conduct in-app-purchases”. FUN in FAMILY!
Share your FUN family moments through a photo #funinfamily It’s your turn now! Tell us about your “fun in family” moments using a photo. Your fun in family with your children at home, on vacation, at the park, with the grandparents, on family trips and so on. Publish your photo on Instagram and share them on Twitter using the hashtag #funinfamily or publish it on Ebooks&Kids’ facebook page and take a part of the “FunInFamily” community. The most popular photo will receive its own “Fun” image thus; winner will be rewarded by the photo he sent to participate in the contest drown by Ebooks&Kids professional artist. A way in which both young and old can engage into learning while sharing and having fun.

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