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Juve courtesy of Pirlo

Juve more realistic aim is the first 6 to ensure direct access to the European Cup, European Cup qualifiers to avoid, do not like this season, like, take the side door of a war in Europe have to qualify fight. So, next season can begin on August 18, such as qualifying to play have advanced to late July, ready to destroy all the plans, the short vacation players are not happy. See the top four clubs up and down the hopeless, so the early start of the market operations, including coaching, Del Neri did not keep the task of the fourth Soccer Jersey floor; remain unlikely, I hope he will return to Atlanta to upgrade. Marotta Hualiyouhua: “a hot club before coming to a conclusion, we should look at the whole season, now is not the final judge, who said that when the next coach who is not. And Del Neri cooperation contract for two years, but we certainly will sit down and discuss, analyze everything. the club is not static, every day at work, as is the technical part of the team in the future to continue to improve. We recognize the achievements Del Neri. Since the beginning of the season just started Serie A Jerseys Ewing also like site, difficulties are normal. Coaches topic we will talk about at the right time, a few weeks, now Del Neri will have to face many difficulties, to come up with all of his professionalism and talent. “
Remarks in the “Gazzetta dello Sport,” the book seems like a farewell to encourage Del Neri stand a good last one post, and then leave on good. Successors the first candidate is the media that Spalletti, with Houboesi, Mancini, Conti. Juventus Spalletti’s ogle everyone knows, last year, replacing Zach Ferrara, the Yi Ergang to argue that the introduction of pre-Roman coach, because I like his style of football. However, Zenit head coach position but also in the dry year, and now just start over Russia, to last a year, Spalletti joined early next year to go to Juve can not wait. Last week the club sent scouts to go to the site to watch Juventus Jerseys Spartak Moscow and FC Porto’s European Cup, Rolando examined, but also to Bo Asi said in his favor. Boa Si in Portugal ahead of five super win, rounded out the Top 4 European Cup, a great tendency to repeat the crazy brave the year, said the stay of foreign forces, but officials going through the motions.
“Gazzetta dello Sport,” writer Karan and more will be Bo Asi as “a special trumpet,” and reminded him that Bo Asi Trapattoni. Tela Pa into Juventus in 1976 when the 37-year-old, was in Milan when the later became assistant head coach Rocco (played half the season with Milan to Juventus, after); Bo Asi 33 years old, when a madman aides own company, comparable age and experience. Karan many also said: “If Inter Milan Del piero Jersey Mourinho to return to good, so hit Juve Inter is the teacher and student dialogue. Irritant name of the first line with the national derby, Juventus have enough gimmicks to satire Inter.” of course, only rendering, landing both difficult to master and apprentice is not small.

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