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Jazz in Rome


Are you looking for a Jazz night in Rome? certainly in addition to looking for a venue that offers excellent live jazz concert programming, you are certainly looking for a club that offers the opportunity to dine while listening to the concert. Perhaps with an Italian cuisine with attention to detail, which offers an experience together with the concert worthy of the homeland of Mediterranean cuisine. In a self-respecting jazz club, you cannot miss a wide selection of whiskeys and spirits from all over the world, to sip a good all-Italian wine during the live jazz.

Last on the list but first in order of importance, the acoustics, which must be taken care of to immerse yourself in the notes of this fantastic music.

And where to find all this?


Someone called Elegance jazz cafè roma, but the correct name is Elegance Cafè jazz club.

The first jazz clubs in rome italy,  where the passion for jazz is also combined in the kitchen and in the bar.

In a single concept that gives this place the charm of experiencing this international and timeless music, savoring Italy, in the city that is the beating heart of art in that country. 


Every night a different concert: from traditional jazz, dixieland, new orleans and swing played by local jazzmen, or international artists, to smooth jazz or latin. At the Elegance Cafè the concert calendar is created to give space to the many branches of jazz every day. Just choose the day and start a complete experience.

Here the daily calendar of tonight ‘s jazz concert in Rome


In the jazz bar you have a full choice of whiskey and spirits from all over the world. Gin tonic that you can create from your own combination, choosing the gin and tonic you prefer. And above all a mixology-style drink list inspired by the era of American Prohibition in the 1920s. Totally original with some “twist on classics” to satisfy the most demanding palates in terms of mixing.

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